A provider of faith based counseling serving Marion County and the surrounding areas.

We work with individuals, families, and couples.

With the specialization of counseling services for children and adolescents, as well as age appropriate and gender specific therapy and an abundance of treatment programs for adults including a support group for parents, our Master level therapists and licensed professionals, under the supervision of a licensed Clinical Psychologist, represent the best in Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, and Psychology arenas.

Our staff is well equipped to address various types of mental health issues.

Our key to success is our faith based counseling. Though not religion specific in nature, spiritual at its core, which differs from traditional counseling services due to our special recipe of care, compassion and the love of all people.

If you or anyone that you know has difficulties with making positive choices in their life, be it participating in criminal activity, committing status offences, making poor grades, or defiance toward parents and authority figures, we offer Thinking Errors classes on a weekly basis and in home individual and family therapy is offered once weekly for each client.

Our vision is one that we will be able to assist those that are hurting. We strive to make the therapeutic process as comfortable as possible to nd peace, humility and rest. To provide each client a personalized treatment approach, to help by replacing negative thought patterns with positive self-enhancing ones.

We could recite all the old clichés like:
A house divided… or it takes a village…
But the truth is sometimes families, individuals or children simply loose their way and require a re-introduction to their own place of “center”.